Why Choose Pagati®?

The Best-in-Class Solution for Driving Savings and Quality Care

Value-Based Care Improvements for Healthcare

In this new risk-based world without restructuring that’s guided by the right information, the losses can be devastating. 

Fortunately, health care systems and providers armed with advanced data intelligence tools will find the shift to risk bearing payment models well worth the effort.  

New solutions are being introduced every day to help organizations achieve more success with bundled payments, each with a different set of benefits and features.

For diagnoses that require post-acute attention, Pagati® is the best solution to drive monetary savings and increase quality of care.

Our deep post-acute experience is key to our proven financial success in risk-sharing arrangements.

Pagati’s cloud-based risk-reduction software was developed, tuned, and tested for six years during the first Bundled Payment pilot program by CMS. Now, it’s the foundation of success for the next cohort of participants– hospitals, physician groups, and accountable care organizations participating in Bundled Payments Advanced and looking to achieve the highest possible outcomes.


Best of all, the cost is just a fraction of the value created.

Lower Risk, Greater Quality of Post-Acute Care

  • Mitigate risk by confidently reducing reliance on multiple post-acute providers, dramatically lowering costs, and simply building a better, high performing post-acute network.
  • Identify and select bundles that make sense for your organization.
  • Forecast bundle success – know what to keep, what to work on and what to drop.
  • Gain new visibility into your post-acute network, down to the patient level.
  • Collaborate to better understand the entire post-acute patient pathway.
  • Determine the best post-acute locations for certain conditions as well as which organizations it makes the most sense to align with.
  • Confidently transform your post-acute networks with analytical insights and post-acute understanding you need to make the right decisions.