SaaS for Post-Acute Care Data Analytics

Medical Care Insight for Advanced Payment Model Success

Bundled Payment Analytics and Healthcare Care Improvements, All in One Place

Healthcare is evolving.

Advanced payment models are poised to unify providers by episode, transforming patient care in an effort to drive lower costs and improve outcomes.

Only providers with strong post-acute care strategies can successfully take on the risk of the entire patient journey.

The success that Pagati® experienced in the first Bundled Payment pilot can help your organization confidently navigate risk bearing models by providing you the intelligence to identify costly gaps in care and drive informed care planning.

Since 2012, we’ve been studious learners of how post-acute networks impact success in advanced payments models— reinventing communication, length of stay, outcomes and every part of the post-acute care journey. When the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) Initiative ended in 2018, we decided to take all of the business intelligence, learning, and analytics developed and offer this to the next BPCI-Advanced cohort— hospitals and physician groups.

Pagati provides the expert understanding of post-acute care you need to make the right decisions and redesign the patient journey to confidently take on more risk. Our cloud-based data analytics, business intelligence and first-hand experience can help you to confidently lower costs and reduce reliance on multiple post-acute care providers as you build a better network.

Boldly take on advanced payment models for the highest patient satisfaction, reduced costs and maximized financial returns, with Pagati.

Applying Expert Post-Acute Care Insight

Pagati is the only risk-reduction software solely focused on understanding and improving post-acute care. Our intuitive, 360° view focuses on where risk-bearing entities are most exposed: hospital readmissions and post-acute spending.

More than 25 years of post-acute healthcare industry experience and proven success in the beta BPCI program have allowed us to develop the tools and expertise needed to be successful.

Healthcare Improvement Opportunities

  • Scope and identify opportunities to succeed in payment bundles and shared savings plans.
  • Determine best selections for entering risk-bearing arrangements.
  • Know your upside opportunity and downside exposure.

Claims Data Management and Analytics

  • Get actionable insight into the post-acute chain of events.
  • Compare data with state and national benchmarks.
  • Confer with post-acute experts on optimal ways to coordinate and close gaps in care.
  • Gain 24/7 access to data that’s been made visual and meaningful.

Provider Network Development

  • Get an insider’s perspective on engaging with quality post-acute partners.
  • Select post-acute network providers that can serve hard-to-place patients with the highest quality.
  • Monitor your PAC providers via scorecard dashboards.
  • Keep your PAC network performing through collaboration.

Post-Acute Care Coordination / Episode Management

  • Leverage our post-acute specialists to coordinate care across the continuum.
  • Prevent adverse events through evidence-based risk stratification and episode monitoring.
  • Engage patients in their own recovery through our patient activation systems.

The Solutions You Need for Advanced Payment Model Success

Get the exact level of support you need, in the areas you need it most.  The Pagati SaaS platform is your best source for data analytics, claims management, post-acute care network management, and post-acute performance metrics. Our solution is intuitive, easy to use and supported by a highly-trained and responsive team. Depending on your needs, we provide:

Insight Through

  • Historical claims data
  • Simulated target prices
  • Gain-sharing calculations
  • Benchmarks and episodic metrics
  • Multiple post-acute care scenarios to optimize bundle performance
  • Dashboards for episode reporting and tracking, program management, claims data and provider performance refreshed monthly
  • Ad-hoc analysis for performance management
  • Tracking BPCI-A claims-based quality measures


  • Consultation on the claims-based, gain-sharing methodology
  • Monthly calls to review updated claims analytics
  • Six-month reconciliation reporting